Word Cloud

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In presentations there is often the need of summarizing a lot of concepts in a single good looking image. Brainstorming is one of such examples, providing an eye-catching overview of many messages in a simple image. I wanted to provide a great overview of myself and my capabilities and I found an amazing tool to create the word clouds like this:


The tool allows for great drawing capabilities, different color-schemes, fonts, and it is free!

I highly recommend it for your presentations!

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Training for Excel and VBA in Lynda

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Here a nice training course in Lynda for Excel and VBA to learn how to manage and data:

You can learn how to filter data, open and closing files, use built-in worksheets functions in VBA, create charts and forms.

It is pretty simple but many tricks are nice and not everybody knows them!

As always you have voice transcripts, the list of chapters so you can jump from one to the other and take advantage of what you really need and finally a notebook for you directly online.

Happy listening!